Evolve Paddleboards Ambassador

I’m very excited and grateful to announce that I have the honor of being asked to be an ambassador for Evolve Paddleboards. http://www.evolveboards.com/Michelebenton.html This distinction came just in time to celebrate along with the 1 year anniversary of starting my business, Om Sunshine Yoga & SUP.

Evolve has a diverse line of SUP boards that includes racing, cruising, surf, fishing, floating fitness mats and of course yoga boards. The “Roots” line of SUP boards manufactured by Evolve come in Bamboo Sandwich Construction (hard board) and the extremely durable inflatable version. At Om Sunshine Yoga & SUP, we use both but find that the inflatable boards afford a lot of options for finding new launch sites and exploring new areas.

Om Sunshine Yoga & SUP is a mobile company that creates yoga classes outside to enhance creativity, connection, and experience. By taking students out of the traditional yoga studio setting and moving their practice into nature, we not only foster cultural enrichment but a deepening of the yoga practice itself. Research has found that being in nature further cultivates internal focus, vitality, and wakeful relaxation, making it the ideal setting for yoga practice.

I personally teach the SUP Yoga classes and SUP excursions in New Smyrna Beach, Crystal River and Dunnellon, Florida, as well as special event, trips to the beautiful springs from the Keys north to the Florida panhandle.  A women’s retreat is also being added in the fall of 2017 at a beautiful resort in the mountains of North Georgia.  I have over 1,400 hours of yoga teaching experience and training and I am also a Level 1 SUP Instructor certified by the American Canoe Association.

Check the Classes and Workshops page online for currently scheduled classes and events or always feel free to text, call or email to request classes and excursions to be added. I also teach basic stand up paddleboarding skills including, launching, safety and strokes.

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