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Heated Vinyasa Yoga at All Yoga NSB

Vinyasa Flow Yoga This class is done in a slightly warm room where the instructor will flow from pose to pose using a vinyasa, or set group of postures. Flow works on strength while building on flexibility. Each pose is linked together with attention to the breath. This class is for all levels of students.  Vinyasa Flow is not centered… Read more →

New Warm Yoga class starting in Altamonte Springs

Happy Thursday Yogi’s! Starting tonight, Thursday, July 14, 2016 at 5:30 PM, I will be teaching a a warm yoga class level 1/2. Warm Yoga (approx. 85-90 degrees) is an invigorating Yoga Class that stretches the body, mind, and spirit while toning the muscles, increasing range of motion of the joints, and de-bloating the body by releasing toxins through breathing and sweating.… Read more →

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