Yin Yoga Workshop in New Smyrna Beach

Yin Yoga Workshop in New Smyrna Beach May 21, 2016 Noon- 2:30 PM
Yin Yoga is a slower and specific type of yoga meant for release, recovery, prevention and healing. Michele brings a light, fun approach to this practice and also a good knowledge of anatomy and how it relates to a Yin practice.

This workshop will consist of instruction in Pranayama (basic breathing techniques) which follow a rhythmic breath pattern to release tension and relax muscles that are sore and sensitive.

Students will become familiar with Yin postures, including the objective of a pose and the use of alternative poses. Michele will help you get into a pose correctly by using hands on adjustments, supportive props, and graceful transitions.

This workshop will cover poses that directly target the connective tissue around the spine and hips. Michele will address how to access those areas in different body types, and then you will be able to enjoy the poses quietly for several minutes.

We will finish with a guided relaxation and a long Savasana.

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